Curse of the Kohinoor: Introducing Daku Sultan Kazi

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Today, we welcome you deep inside the chamber of secrets in the magical world of Curse of the Kohinoor. Here is your first look at Tarini Pal as Asha, Rahsaan Noor as Daku Sultan Kazi, Vritika Ramnani and Aref Syed, and George Smith as Lord Savage.

Rahsaan Noor as Daku Sultan Kazi and Vritika Ramnani as Begum Leila.

Kohinoor features Rahsaan Noor as the infamous Daku Sultan Kazi, an ex-Thuggee who embarks on an adventure to steal the Kohinoor in 1837 Bengal. In this 1st look, you get a glimpse of Sultan kidnapping Leila, the daughter of the Khan Bahadur whom he must sacrifice in order to break the curse of the Kohinoor.

Tarini Pal as Asha.

The Daku, however, meets a twist of fate when he encounters our hero – the Khan Bahadur’s maidservant – Asha.

George Smith as Lord Savage.

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