Introducing SHĀHZU – It’s Not Your Mother’s Bollywood

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LOS ANGELES – August 10, 2015 –Rahsaan Islam and VHX today unveiled  SHĀHZU, a revolutionary new streaming service that’s not your mother’s Bollywood. Marking the beginning of a new era of films in the Asian century, SHĀHZU is a premium streaming service that showcases first run theatrically released films, music videos, and new originally scripted television series for an underserved audience.

SHĀHZU currently, with rights to four film titles and many more songs, stands as a platform to watch Islam’s films in HD quality and is available worldwide with region specific pricing in India, USA, UK, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. Users can either subscribe monthly for unlimited access to the entire library or buy and rent movies individually. The partnership intends to grow it’s library with films from throughout the world. Additionally, the partnership also includes a development deal with Islam, in which he will develop original TV shows and films for the service.

“In India, the rise of independent content producers whom have moved away from formula films and the traditional Saas Bahu formats is evidence that there is a hunger for a new style of content. We love storytelling and this is without a doubt the best way to connect with fans, putting an incredible experience at every fan’s fingertips,” said Rahsaan Islam. “The focus is to continue to deliver stories and visuals that people have never seen before. It’s a way to share a different perspective of the world that audiences are simply not getting today through either Hollywood or Bollywood.”

The name SHĀHZU is a combination of the names Shaharzaade, the iconic Queen from 1001 Arabian Nights whom charms King Shahriar by telling him 1001 stories over 1001 nights, and Mo Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher who is credited with the earliest understanding and use of the camera obscura – a technology that was lost until only 150 years ago and the foundation of the modern day camera. The name reflects the groundswell of fans everywhere who demand better quality storytelling, and artists who want to deliver their work as originally intended without the intrusion of censors or producers who want to stick to formulas.

Available across iOS and Android devices, as well as in web browser and desktop players, SHĀHZU offers HD quality movies, music, and TV shows the way it was intended by your favorite artists.  Streaming at more than four times the bit rate of competitive services, users are able to enjoy SHĀHZU on a wide range of the world’s finest home and portable audio products. A Shāhzu app will be available in the app store later this year. See for live integrations.

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