Own The Now Tank (New) Thumb
Own The Now Tank (New) ThumbOwn The Now Shirt Thumb ( Inside Back)

Blackbird Own The Now Tank Top


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Championship parades. Beautiful women. Fast cars.

Farhan had it all. He was the biggest name in Basketball and had a personality to match.

All that, however, seemed like a memory from a different lifetime. Farhan had been critically injured in a serious motorcycle accident. The same ego that got him to the top of the basketball world, led him to take extreme risks. As evidenced by a recent interview by Magic Johnson, it’s an ego the world’s top athletes wouldn’t trade for anything.

Now here was Farhan, struggling to walk much less jump. Struggling to talk much less celebrate. Initially, the prognosis was not good – the doctors worried about his life. But the fighting spirit of Farhan kept him moving on.

There were good days and even more bad days. After a period of improvement, there were many setbacks. Depression hit. Would he ever be back to being Farhan again?

One day, he had enough. He wanted to give up. He wanted it to end. No more. Down in that pit, the spirit of Farhan found itself again.

This was the hand dealt to you. It doesn’t mean you can’t overcome it. You can control your actions, you can control how you respond. You can control what happens next. Be in the present. OWN THE NOW.

There was no more empowering understanding than the one knowing that Farhan could control his every moment by owning it. Mentally, he went back to the time when he was beginning his basketball journey. A time when there was no fame, just him and his hard work.  A time that set the foundations for all his success.

He knew made up the hill once, he could do it again. Farhan also knew it was going to be a long road. He had the power to own his actions. Therefore, he had the power to create miracles.

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