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09 Dec

Rahsaan Noor Serenades Toya in Stunning Bengali Beauty Teaser Trailer

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Rahsaan Noor once again showcases the fun old world charm to be found in the “Bengali Beauty” cinematic experience.

A new teaser trailer, released on Friday, showcases Noor’s character crooning and serenading Mumtaheena Toya’s character with the romantic tune “Dujon Dujonar” – one of five original songs in the film. The movie marks Toya’s debut on the silver screen, where she is cast opposite Noor, whom himself is returning to Bengali cinema after his 2013 debut with “Simanaheen.” 

With 1970s Dhaka as the film’s backdrop, and a revolutionary mood, “Bengali Beauty” centers on a Bangladesh Betar deejay (Noor) and how he captures the attention of a young woman (Toya) with his radio show during the post-independence period.

“Bengali Beauty” also stars Sarah Alam and Ashfique Rizwan, whom are making their acting debuts, along with industry veterans Pijush BandhopadhyayMasum BasherGM Shahidul AlamNaziba Basher, and Naila Azad. The music is composed by Rusho Mahtab, of “Simanaheen” fame, and “Dujon Dujonar” is sung by Tanvir Rossi.

The movie will have its world premiere on February 6th and will open in theaters in the USA, UK, India, and Dubai on Valentine’s Day. The Dhaka theatrical release will be fixed as soon as the film is cleared by the Bangladesh Film Censor Board.

In a statement from Bangladesh’s Rainbow Film Society, board member Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah described “Bengali Beauty” as a film that “that does not merely reinvent Bangla films, it gives it a brand new start.”

06 Aug

Bengali Beauty Trailer: Rahsaan Noor & Mumtaheena Toya Rock the 70s Alive

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Rahsaan Noor and Mumtaheena Toya star in the 1st trailer for ‘Bengali Beauty’, rocking 1970s Dhaka alive. The trailer pays homage to the counterculture style of Hollywood Vietnam War movies as well as the classic Bollywood style.

‘Bengali Beauty’ tells the story of a World Music Deejay from Bangladesh Betar (Noor), whom uses his radio show to connect with a young woman (Toya). Set during 1970s Dhaka, the movie is shot at various iconic Dhaka locations and explores the conflict between conformity and romanticism.

Sarah Alam and Ashfique Rizwan join Noor and Toya in the film along with industry veterans Pijush Bandhopadhyay, Masum Basher, GM Shahidul Alam, Naziba Basher, and Naila Azad. The film is set to release on December 8th.

18 Jul

Bengali Beauty US Release Date Set for December 8

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Rahsaan Noor and Mumtaheena Toya starrer, BENGALI BEAUTY – the forthcoming new film that attempts to fuse the counterculture spirit of Vietnam War movies and the magic of Yash Chopra musicals – will hit American theaters this December.

Popular radio jockey, Sarah Alam, and Ashfique Rizwan join Noor and Toya in the film along with industry veterans Pijush Bandhopadhyay, Masum Basher, GM Shahidul Alam, Naziba Basher, and Naila Azad. Noor himself has helmed direction of the film as well as ventured into Bangladeshi film production for the first time.

In partnership with AMC Theaters and Regal Cinemas, the film will open in limited release on December 8 before expanding to a wider release on December 16. Noor’s partnership with the American theater chains began after the success of his first Bangla language film, SIMANAHEEN.

Noor’s last release was the 2015 film, THE SPECTACULAR JIHAD OF TAZ RAHIM, which also starred Monica Dogra. The film was featured by Film India Worldwide at the Berlinale Film Festival in 2016.

25 May

Bengali Beauty: Mumtaheena Toya and Rahsaan Noor bring old world charm to Dhaka love story

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Rahsaan Noor and Mumtaheena Toya in a scene from Bengali Beauty.

Mumtaheena Toya (Bokhate, Roop) and Rahsaan Noor (Simanaheen, The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim) have teamed up for Bengali Beauty, a counterculture love story set in 1970s Dhaka and directed by Noor himself. The first image from the film highlights the charm the actors have brought to the story in an iconic Dhaka location, Notre Dame College.

The title, a common phrase attributed to bengali women, refers not only to a particular person but to an entire nation — as is evident from this marvelously old-fashioned moment from the film, where we see a radio deejay (played by Noor) and a medical student (Toya) express their love for each other.

“There’s an incredible romanticism in Dhaka that you don’t always see when you’re stuck in traffic,” says Noor, who shot this scene during a May sunset in Notre Dame College. “I wanted to make a big love letter to the people of the city and to the people that helped raise me. I hope my generation can feel what it was like to be young during my parents’ generation, and I hope my parents’ generation can take a sweet trip down memory lane.”

Noor notes that the film is influenced by a cocktail of Yash Chopra romances and Hollywood Vietnam War movies such as Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now and Robin Williams’ Good Morning Vietnam. “It’s an unusual mix, I know,” he says. “But it’s a fun mix. This era is so rich and Dhaka has its own rich history. Everyone has their own idea of Dhaka, and many are not the most pleasant ideas. But if treated the right way, Dhaka can definitely hold its own as a romantic playground.”

23 Oct

Curse of the Kohinoor – Comic Con Sneak Peek

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A curse is upon us! Get your first look at CURSE OF THE KOHINOOR as taken from the Dastaan-E-Naukavi.

This teaser trailer introduces us to Asha and her adventures in the jungles of East India during the time of the British Raj. Curse of the Kohinoor hits theaters next summer.


Director Raghav Murali and the Naukavi team were on hand at the Comic Con Mumbai to spread some magic – and cast some spells – this past weekend:





02 Oct

Curse of the Kohinoor: Introducing Daku Sultan Kazi

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Today, we welcome you deep inside the chamber of secrets in the magical world of Curse of the Kohinoor. Here is your first look at Tarini Pal as Asha, Rahsaan Noor as Daku Sultan Kazi, Vritika Ramnani and Aref Syed, and George Smith as Lord Savage.

Rahsaan Noor as Daku Sultan Kazi and Vritika Ramnani as Begum Leila.

Kohinoor features Rahsaan Noor as the infamous Daku Sultan Kazi, an ex-Thuggee who embarks on an adventure to steal the Kohinoor in 1837 Bengal. In this 1st look, you get a glimpse of Sultan kidnapping Leila, the daughter of the Khan Bahadur whom he must sacrifice in order to break the curse of the Kohinoor.

Tarini Pal as Asha.

The Daku, however, meets a twist of fate when he encounters our hero – the Khan Bahadur’s maidservant – Asha.

George Smith as Lord Savage.

Stay tuned to RahsaanNoor.com and ZiryabSociety.com for more information on Curse of the Kohinoor.

26 Jul

Rahsaan Noor Agrees to Richest VOD Rights Deal in Bengali Film History

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Video-on-Demand rights to Rahsaan Noor’s movies have sold for a record figure in Bangladesh and West Bengal. This is on the heels of China’s Tencent acquiring Noor’s ‘The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim’ theatrical and video-on-demand rights just two weeks ago.

The Bangladeshi and West Bengali rights were licensed to streaming video platform Bongo for a sum in excess of BDT 1.5 Crore ($200,000). The figure is believed to be more than ten times the previous highest license fee in the entire Bengal region for television or online rights.

Of the films included in the deal, ‘The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim’ released in the United States last year and was featured at the Berlinale Film Festival this past February. The movie is set to release in China next month.

Noor’s Simanaheen was the largest internationally released Bengali film in history. For the film, he was awarded by the Bengali Writers Association for his ‘outstanding contributions to film’.

Owned by parent company Stellar Digital, Bongo is biggest streaming video-on-demand service in Bengal. It boasts an ever-growing library of over 15.000 full movies, dramas, TV shows, music videos and songs. Bongo is a leader among, Bangladesh’s online video companies, whom have quickly become major forces in the country’s movie and entertainment businesses.

18 Apr

Rahsaan Noor Signs Three-Film Deal With Universal

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Rahsaan Noor Music Launch

Rahsaan Noor’s Ziryab Entertainment has signed a three-year, three-film deal with Bengal based Universal Group.The partnership was formally announced at the recently held CinemaCon in Las Vegas with the unveiling of “Curse of the Kohinoor”, the first movie to be produced under the agreement.

“I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Hossain and the team at Universal during the marketing of my first film. She was one of my earliest supporters and I cannot think of a better home for Ziryab Entertainment as we continue our growth,” said Noor in a statement.

Universal Group and Ziryab Entertainment have four projects currently under development: “Curse of the Kohinoor,” which is being mounted as the first movie in the Nau Kavi franchise, is set to begin production this upcoming July; “Bengali Beauty,” a romance set during the Bengal famine of the 1970s; a yet untitled family drama film based on a book proposal by writer Sohani Hossain; and “Cyclewala”, another original script by Noor about a rickshawallah who competes in the Tour de France.

24 Feb

The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim at Berlinale

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The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim was featured by Film India Worldwide at this year’s Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival. It is the 66th year that the prestigious festival as taken place. The film features Rahsaan Noor and Monica Dogra in lead roles and is directed by Raghav Murali.

Taz Rahim Theatrical Poster A01

06 May

Monica Dogra, Rahsaan Noor in the 1st Trailer of The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim

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Exclusive 1st Trailer of ‘The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim’. Set in the hard streets of Jackson Heights, New York and based on true acts from a controversial NYPD undercover program, the film is about a wannabe Yo Yo Honey Singh desi rapper whom is arrested for selling drugs and blackmailed into becoming a police informant.

‘The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim’ stars Monica Dogra (Aamir Khan’s Dhobi Ghat), Rahsaan Noor (Bengali Film Simanaheen), Kal Parekh (ABC’s Pan Am), & Sorab Wadia (The Kite Runner) and is directed by Raghav Murali. The film features music by Rusho Mahtab, Navin Kundra, Bilal Khan, and Raghav Murali.

06 May

Rahsaan Noor and Raghav Murali’s ‘Started from Punjab’ Hits iTunes

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SJTR Album CoverRahsaan Noor and Raghav Murali’s single, Started from Punjab, along with the entire The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim Original Motion Picture Soundtrack released today. Download and own it from the following stores:

Ziryab: http://shop.ziryabsociety.com
iTunes: http://apple.co/1dH5xqy
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1EgkEMV
Google Play: http://bit.ly/1zAQWXo